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Jerry Wolveridge
Wolveridge Architects

"Having our entire financial system managed by Vivid for the past year has been a terrific step for us.  The peace of mind that everything is in order, gets paid on time and is ready to go at the end of each month, quarter or whatever milestone during the financial year.  Vivid manage both our company and personal accounts which has enabled us to focus on much more enjoyable and important things such as freeing up our weekends!


Karen and Carolyn have made numerous proactive suggestions to improve the structure of how this all works during our time together and this goes way beyond the simple organisation of our accounts. Our accountant has been so impressed with Vivid he has began recommending them to his clients on a regular basis. Personable, reliable and fun.  We enjoy the association and would be pleased to recommend the Vivid team."


Tas Gray
Managing Director
Axiom IT

"Karen is not your average bookkeeper. In fact, bookkeeping is just the beginning. Karen and her team have the knowledge and skills to transform your accounts from mayhem to auto-pilot mode. Prior to Karen taking over our books I was wasting hours each month making manual payments, scanning receipts and dealing with invoicing issues from the various billing systems we used. Karen quickly learnt our systems and alleviated me of those duties while at the same time improving our overall efficiency. What used to be stressful is now total peace of mind."


Jaye Chin- Dusting
Mary Martin Bookshops

"Karen and her team from Vivid Enterprise Solutions provide the best bookkeeping and administrative professional service any small business could want. They take the numbers and paperwork worries right out of our hands, thus allowing our focus to be where it should be, right on our customer’s needs. They are completely trustworthy and do most of the back office thinking for us. I cannot commend them highly enough"


Tristan Pattinson
Managing Director
Ausign Corporation

"Vivid Enterprise Solutions came highly recommended and even then, they have exceeded our expectations. While I was a little hesitant to use a bookkeeper working offsite it has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made. They took time to understand our business and have streamlined and automated much of our workflow, while still maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our books. We now use Receipt Bank, one of the best time savers for us as business owners, our employees and our wonderful bookkeepers!"

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