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Our Team


Director & BAS Agent

Karen is the Director of Vivid Enterprise Solutions, and a registered BAS agent. She's here to help you grow your business, to help you thrive. Karen firmly believes that your business success is her success. She has the ability to look at your business and quickly see how you can cut down time by streamlining and automating your processes. And she knows that running your own business can be tough – and it can sometimes be lonely. So she's always there to support your business endeavours. She have a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, is a certified Xero adviser, certified in Xero payroll and a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and the Australian Bookkeepers Association.

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Karen Andrews



Senior Account Manager & BAS Agent


Dee is a born organiser – and a people person. Her circuitous route to the world of accounting and bookkeeping started with organising and running conferences, and even weddings – certainly not for the faint-hearted. Attention to detail was always paramount, as was a well-oiled plan. Dee is dedicated to her work. She’s loyal and compassionate. She always goes the extra mile for clients, and for Karen and the team. And she has a big wide smile for everyone. Dee’s ability to learn new technology is legendary. She has a real fire in her belly to help clients streamline their workload. Wherever there’s a new app to help them, you’ll find Dee. She’s our Xero Add-on specialist. She is a registered BAS agent, has a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping and is a Xero certified adviser and Xero payroll certified.

Dee Bennett


Senior Account Manager & BAS Agent


Give Carolyn a coffee in the morning and she’s ready for any task you throw at her. She’s also precise. She pays great attention to detail. And organisation is her middle name. No wonder clients feel safe in her capable hands. Carolyn’s career journey has seen her work in a variety of bookkeeping roles. She loves the environment where the focus is on streamlining work for clients – reducing the clicks. And everyone learns from each other. Carolyn spent many years using MYOB, QuickBooks and Reckon before becoming a Xero conversions specialist. She’s currently working towards a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping and is a Xero certified adviser and Xero payroll certified.

Carolyn Vanbrussel

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Account Manager


Sam's career journey began at McDonald's, propelling her into management training and the role of Assistant Restaurant Manager. Discovering her affinity for finance, she managed accounts for a prominent home builder before joining Vivid Enterprise Solutions. Sam's unwavering dedication defines her work ethic, going above and beyond for clients. Embracing technological advancements, she enhances experiences with emerging apps. With passion, drive, and exceptional organizational abilities, Sam is an invaluable asset. Her people-oriented nature and enthusiasm for innovation elevate her professionalism. In accounting and bookkeeping, Sam provides unparalleled support and guidance, ensuring clients' financial endeavors thrive.

Sam Gogis

Bookkeeping Team Leader


Allow us to introduce Lira Mae, with her extensive expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, Xero, and Dext, is a valuable asset to our rapidly growing business. Beyond her impressive skill set, Lira possesses a sharp intellect and a remarkable ability to adapt and learn quickly. Her strong work ethic is evident as she consistently dives into tasks with composure, often accompanied by her favourite hot beverages. Lira is our indispensable leader within our offshore team, and she wholeheartedly embraces collaboration and innovative methods to optimize processes for our clients. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy, Xero certification, two years of bookkeeping experience, and exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

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Lira Dela Cruz - Bito-on

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Meet Rex! She's a graduate with a BS in Accountancy and has a real knack for numbers and analysis. She put her skills to the test as an Accountant in her first job, where she handled everything from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to Fixed Assets and Financial Statement preparation. Rex has now embarked on a new journey with the fantastic team at Vivid, and she couldn't be happier. The support system and opportunities for growth and learning have been truly amazing. Working alongside the wonderful people at Vivid, she's been introduced to some fantastic software and applications that have made her bookkeeping job a breeze. Beyond her work, Rex is a Rubik's cube enthusiast and can solve one in under 3 minutes! She was once an avid reader of novels and is now on a mission to reignite her passion for books. Rex also has a keen interest in local documentaries and did a lot of binge-watching series during the pandemic. Rex is renowned for her sense of humor and silliness when she's around her close friends.

Rexel Tolentino

Jessa round 2.png



Allow us to introduce Jessa! Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Management Accounting. She is a valuable asset at Vivid. She's a true team player, recognizing the incredible value of collaboration. Jessa believes that being part of a team brings out the best in everyone and creates an environment where personal growth flourishes. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Jessa loves learning new things and always goes above and beyond. 
When Jessa isn't excelling at work, traveling is her ultimate passion, always seeking new destinations. Fashion is her guilty pleasure, as she adds flair to her wardrobe through exciting shopping sprees. Jessa's love for food trips is unmatched, constantly exploring new flavors and dishes. During her downtime, Jessa finds joy in playing mobile games for a fun and relaxing escape. Beneath her determined exterior lies a heart of gold. She's kind, compassionate, and a reliable friend. Jessa's strength and independence inspire those around her, making her a remarkable woman in every way.

Jessa Aguilar

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